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PLEASE allow an option when sending an EventSpot email to registrants to include "guests". For our nonprofit, a "guest" is simply someone whose registration fee is being paid by someone else, often their employer. We don't use the email option in EventSpot because all these people would not receive our reminders. So we are downloading the csv file, moving the guests' emails over into the left-hand columns with everyone else, creating a new email list in Constant Contact, and composing the email and sending it from there. Seems like the long way around. Isn't there a way to send a message from Event Spot to everyone who plans to attend the event? Thanks!

Hi JudyL3963,


That's a great idea! Currently the "email registrants" feature only sends an email to the main registrants and not guests as not all guests are required to provide an email address. But you're right to suggest this for those guests that you request emails from so they're also updated in case there are any event changes. We will look into this for you. Thanks for your feedback and please continue to vote for this and any other features you want to have.


Have a great day!


Anna N

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I would like to be able to send ATTENDEES Event Confirmations and Emails, not just the Main Contact that is registering.  Many times the person (PERSONAL, we change to "Registration Contact") Registering the Attendees is NOT attending.  We would like to see an option for Attendee Email Address. Then, when sending Confirmations and/or Reminder Emails, you can make sure both the Registrant and the Attendee is receiving the email.


HRiska at Productivity Inc

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When I send an e-mail to registrants it does not include the e-mails of others who are registered on the same form - so if a husband is registered in their wife's form with a different e-mail address, it won't send to them. Seems like the software should do that, since it recognizes them as attending....I'd like it to send to ALL the registrants without the extra step of me making a new contacts list that includes those people.

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