Confirmation Email for NEW Registrations (NEEDS IMPROVEMENT)

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Hi... I am implementing your Registration System for all of our Events (online Registration forms). As an Organization, we are using your Marketing tool to reach out to a new group of people (those who have possibly not even made their way to our Main Website Page)... The very first image they see of our Event, and the Marketing tool we are using (you Constant Contact 😉 is the Registration Landing Page, that links to the Registration form. Then.. the Very first email they receive (when they register for the event) is extremely blaaaaaaand and NOTHING like the rest of your marketing system as far as visuals, etc. I don't' see any reason why the User (us as an organization) can't make that very first confirmation email for Events, be a beautiful/professional looking one, like all of your other campaigns provide. Love to see this implemented as you move forward.. --- thanks so much for all of your work, care for service, and a beautiful/wonderful Marketing tool. I am very pleased with just 2 months exploring it! ~Arya



Thanks for posting this feedback, I can understand how a customizable confirmtion email would be helpful. I'm glad you have had a successful two months! I look forward to seeing you around the Community!

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Please add the company name to the event registration report in addition to the attendee's name.

It would be nice to be able to add a hyperlink to an event confirmation email. For example, we are having an event at a venue that requires a gate pass to access. I have added the gate pass PDF to my library and created a TinyURL to the pass. I inserted it into the confirmation email window but could not create a hyperlink. Registrants will have to copy and paste the link into their web browser which is added effort for task that should really only require a click.


I completely agree that the registration confirmation email needs to be updated. I recently changed over to the third generation editor and thought this feature would be updated, but disappointed that it stayed the same. Is there an update coming out any time soon?

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