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When I go under the event and download the CSV file the fields are being truncated. I expected to get ALL the data if I see a CSV file like that. you need to label this better or prompt the user to define what fields they wanted. In this case I lost my guests and the titles and company names for registrants with the CSV file. I called customer service and was directed to the Reporting tab where this is available, but there are zero notes or explanations to this effect to tell you what you will get with the different download files. Thanks for clarifying for your users.
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Thank you for your feedback. Please vote for this idea if you would like the reporting features to be made more obvious.
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I thought it was just me but several of us have completely missed how to get a details report from EventSpot. The Reporting tab doesn't look like a tab and some people miss it. I have done it, come back a few months later, have to relearn it. Completely makes sense once found but is escapes my co-workers too. Anything you guys can do to make this more obvious when looking at the event dashboard?

Thanks for this feedback, Janet. We will keep you updated here when there are any updates to this. 

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