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I've been using CC for about 11 years now and during that time, I think I've heard "we're working on the Event Spot Emails" multiple times a year and still, after all this time, ELEVEN YEARS, I've yet to see any improvement.  Just now, I wanted to send a Quick Send to multiple registrants that arrived after an update, but nooooo, can't do that, I have to go back and forth and notify them one at a time!  


Help me out, is 11 years normal? You've made changes everywhere else (some not so good) but not Events.

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Hi @EnergyPlus


We recognize that our event campaign feature has not received updates recently to keep it up to par with what is available elsewhere. As a result we have decided to integrate with an industry leader in event management. At this point we are only fixing critical bugs for our current event campaign feature. No new development will be done.

We are pleased to have created a partnership with Eventbrite so that our customers can use the leading event management tool for small businesses, in conjunction with Constant Contact.

We have developed a deep integration with Eventbrite so that you can easily add an event to an email, track registrations and send follow up emails. We encourage you to try out Eventbrite and give us your feedback.

We do not have plans to retire our current event campaign product/feature in 2018, so if you prefer to use our system you can continue to do so without concern.

You can find out more information about our Eventbrite integration here.



Rob L.

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