Constant Contact could be more Registration baised

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Hey Constant Contact, I love your platform and really like what you have going on. I have a few suggestions to make that would be very helpful to my organization. Constant Contact (CC) does not seem to be very Event “Registration” based. Our organization puts together 5-10 large events a year and I would like to see CC be more usable to a registration based client like us. We are looking for database management (YOU NAILED IT!) Autoresponder (YOU NAILED IT!) professional email correspondence (YOU NAILED IT!) registration and surveys (YOU NAILED IT!) Here are a few suggestions that would tie it all together better for us. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at--. 1) When we register participants, we have a three registration types/prices: EARLY, NORMAL and LATE Registration prices. I would like to see the ability to have different prices for the event registration on specific dates. So, if a participant registers between Jan 1 –Feb 1 the price would be $100. If a participant registers between Feb 2 – Mar 1 the price would be $150. I would not like to simply add a “FEE” onto the original price, (as this might look tacky on our organization) but instead the base price simply changes between the date fields that participants register. 2) Since we hold registration events 5-10 times a year, I would like to see it more organized. Possibly a tab for “Registration” “Auto-responders” etc. instead of one long list of everything that I have under “Campaigns.” All of my campaigns would become messy very fast in the current list setting. 3) If I want to send out an “Autoresponder” campaign to all of my registered participants for a specific event, it seems that I cannot do so except to a specific list that has already been created. If I could create an “Autoresponder” to be sent out to “EVENT #1 – Registrants” this would be very useful to us. Yes, I can send a campaign to all participants on “Event #1” currently, but it seems you do not currently offer a “Autoresponder” option for participants who sign up on different dates. 4) When setting up a form for participants, directing them on payment options, I would like to see a field that would tell participants what to put in the memo line of their check. This is real important to us.

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