Copy Email Invitation to new survey

I NEED TO BE ABLE TO COPY A PREVIOUSLY CREATED EMAIL INVITATION FROM ONE SURVEY TO ANOTHER. It's fundamentally ridiculous that I can't do this. I spent all that time formatting and writing the email invitation to my last survey, I want to send another one with the same settings to a slightly updated list of contacts with very slightly altered content, but if I copy an Email it stays on the same Survey and I can't change that? Ugh!
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Thank you for the feedback @BethM476,


I can understand how frustrating this is.  I will pass your feedback along and open this up for voting.

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the copy feature should be able to copy both the previous survey and the previous email invitation and allow editing of each to update to the new information
For mature platform your email invite procedure is completely inadequate and frustrating. You should be able to 1: customize and save an email invitation for surveys. This should be ridiculously easy for your programmers to code and implement. 2: You should be able to SAVE and email invitation copy and reuse it in any survey invite..once again a NO BRAINER !..DUH.
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We use four surveys that have to be sent out monthly to different people using the same email greeting. I find it cumbersome to have to copy surveys every month, rename them and then have to recreate the Email Greeting. Is there a way to have a survey template with an email greeting saved so we can resend the same survey to different people every month?

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I am sending the same survey multiple times a week to various groups of people.  The most timely part of this is retyping the SAME invitation each time I want to send out the survey.  Since we have to save an invite name when we create it, why can't i search for and reuse an invite that I have already created? (Within a new survey.)

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Hi NHHFA,  I think I understand what you are trying to do.  Maybe you could control this by using different Email Groups for your distribution lists?  When you resend the email, just changed to the appropriate Email Group.  All the responses will be stored in the same survey(s).  This is something that I have done for a similar repeat email/survey situation.  I maintain an Email Group and modify the members when needed.  (I am not a CC employee.)

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