Copying emails from automation to campaigns

It would be incredibly helpful if there was a feature that allowed us to copy emails in the automation feature back into the regular email campaign feature. I know we can copy them from campaign to automation, but not the other way around. We often make updates to emails in our auto series, but it makes it difficult to use them for other things if they are stuck in that portion of the site. I know we can manually copy the html of each section into a new email, but that takes quite a while to do.
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Just got off the phone with support to find that this is even less user friendly than before.... AutoResponders (AR) . I am EXTREMLY upset with the changes. You used to be able to copy from one AR series to another AR series. That is no longer an option. This is going to COST me both TIME & MONEY. It is NOT user friendly. Why would you remove a feature like that? This is an EMAIL marketing service, so as I build my email lists I now I have to re-create from scratch every AR series? That's ridiculous. You used to be able to COPY and COPY to another AR series. Now it just copies to the same AR and it doesn't show in your general email drafts to select either. In addition, to find old emails is a HUGE PAIN. Before , you could scroll to type in a number to take you to the page- now I have to keep scrolling until I find it. so upset ...this is NOT making it easier to run my business or service customers. I am NOT HAPPY and would not recommend new people to try Constant Contact.
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OMG! I need to be able to copy identical email from one campaign into another. If it's an option to select it to copy then it should copy. Instead I'm having to recreate every email manually! Over and Over and Over and Over again! Something that should take me 10 minutes to recreate take hours and hours! Please fix this. Also, when I do "pause" a campaign so that I can copy it it doesn't reschedule or pick up again where it left off WHAT?! Why not? please fix this too. And another thing when searching for a campaign to copy from it's no where to be found?? There used to be a "reorder" function so that you could arrange the list by most recently edited and then the series will show but, now that function is no longer available. Please fix this as well. Make it so that you can choose your list from the list of other Automated series only or campaigns in general etc. You're off to a good start with this tool but, still needs a TON of work. Thanks!

I see the frustration here. How do you copy an e-mail from the AR to another AR campaign? All I see is that is copies either to the regular campaign or the same series in the AR.


I want to simply copy the e-mail to a new AR series.


Is this not possible?

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