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I went to use the coupon feature for a loan sale we're having and was disappointed I couldn't enter our 1.25% discount. It would be more convenient if you could enter what you need to in order to promote the discount.
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I would like the ability to enter a static coupon code that works with an on-line shopping cart. The "Share" incentive code would also be static. The current dynamic method only works when the customer will call on the phone, or walk into a physical store. I came across this when trying to set up a Cyber Monday promotion.

Hello Constant Contact,

I own a bar. I great feature for bar/restaurant/retail would be a one time coupon that has a redeem button in the e-mail (think Groupon). Is a bar owner I wanted to send out a coupon once a month that my customers could only use once in that month. Currently, with the coupon system a customer could use the same coupon over and over, unless we as the retailer do back end work. Dealing with the QR codes is alot of headache in a fast pace retail environment. Think about all the retail customers that would love the ability to send out their own coupons that they knew would be used once, and no back end work. All the retailer would have to do is press the redeem button on the customers phone. There are millions of bar/restaurant/retail in the world. How many of them do you think would love to have an easy to use one time coupon? If you would like more explanation of what I'm trying to articulate please, please contact me or with my info you have on file. Thank you for your time.

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