Coupon needs to be more customizable. Eliminate any option to share need to edit terms & conditions.

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I need to use this to provide a select group of people with a free concert ticket. I don't want them to share that free concert ticket option with others. Your standard terms and conditions do not apply to our needs at all, but I cannot turn it off or edit so that it does match our needs. It will be confusing to anyone who clicks on it.
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Sometimes coupons dont need to be a dollar amount, i would like to give out a coupon for a FREE item..
Hi CC community, I want to sign up our business for CC, but the coupon component is critical. Is there a way to have an "Other: option vs just dollars or percent off? Example: to do a Buy One Get one free type of promotion?

I'm with amyt816 above. I'd like to do a FREE meal or BOGO coupon and the percent and $$ off amount doesn't work for me. Has anyone found a solution to this?

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