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Create a Separate Registration Confirmation Page

Create a separate Confirmation page/screen that summarizes the registration and payment, and is printable. The single line confirmation on the registration form is easily overlooked, poorly designed, and unacceptable.

Status changed to: New

Great suggestion Clay!


A printable comfirmation page with a summary of their registration details will be a great addition. Please note that you can currently edit the confirmation page and confirmation messages in your event in case you want to add more text to it. Here's how: Edit Registration Notifications


Just thought I would share this FAQ. Please keep on sending in your feedback and requests. Thanks!


Anna N

Social Support and Community



Thanks. I'll look into editing the confirmation info. A separate confirmation page would be much better, though, and seems to be the industry standard practice.

Status changed to: Voting Open

We need to be able to preview the registration messages.  The confirmation message contains event information as I've found out after editing the messages.  Would like to see not only the message I create, but the system standard information as well so I don't repeat information.

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