Creating a Survey Page and and Filtering Responses

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I'm a longtime Constant Contact customer and have also used Legacy Survey for many years. I pay very close attention to the responses I get to surveys I send when putting together my curriculum each quarter. Consequently, I rely heavily on being able to filter responses to my questions. For example, Question #1 could be "Which of these 10 classes would you like me to offer next quarter?" Question #2 could be "Which of these 5 time slots fits your schedule the best?" You should be able to filter these questions and get accurate numbers of which classes and which time slots match up the best, without having to analyze each person's answer by hand.


I sent out a new survey a few weeks ago and was quite surprised that filtering answers is not possible anymore with your "improved survey" pages. I frankly cannot fathom why Constant Contact would update the survey function but not include the ability to filter responses! I would assume that anyone who sends out a survey that includes more than one question would need this function. What are you thinking of?  Some of us rely on sending surveys to our clients/students/patients/etc in order to make a living. Leaving the ability to filter responses in your new survey application is pretty thoughtless in my opinion. 


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We do completely understand how important a feature like this is, so I will gladly submit your feedback on this, as our defect team is looking to make some more updates on our Survey Pages. Thanks!

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Thanks for your answer. I hope you fix this issue soon. I read a number of other complaints about the new survey. It’s missing several aspects that used to be there. The filtering issue is the critical one for me. I’d also like to be able to choose font size and color, bold face, etc and be able to add a link inside each question. I had to type it in and ask my students to copy snd paste it to take them to my website to see lists of songs in my classes. With the legacy surveys I could add a simple link they would click. The new survey is attractive, but that’s about all so far. It has a long way to go to be as useful as the old legacy survey was.
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Hi @CarolMc thanks for following up with these details! We have submitted your feedback on wanting the ability of font control and including a link in your questions. As for exporting your results by question, how would you expect to do this? Does our current process of clicking "see all responses" for a question > export all responses help fit your needs? You can even take it a step further to see a specific answer:



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