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Customize Accepted Cards when using Pay By Card

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We strongly want to customize which credit cards we take. Our users are confused since we don't take AMEX but it says that we do on our event forms! Please allow user to customize. Also one critical field is missing in the API integration with Authoriez.net. I can't pass back the ID of the event I am paying for so our bookeeping has no idea what to process the payment against! It is in the API but you have chosen not to expose to the UI and it is not a required field. PLEASE!!!!! Help us!!!!!!

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Hey Guys,

I use the newsletter to promote an online store and to drive sales. A big part of measuring the success of this is Google Analytics. Adding Google Analytics integration would greatly help the business and offer an invaluable service. There are 2 parts to the integration:

1. I would absolutely love for there to be an option of auto-tagging URL's, which saves doing this tedious process manually. See Google Analytics URL Builder for details. In order to track your visitors and measure conversions and sales, GA needs some extra information including "campaing source", and "campaign medium" which for Newsletters is always "newsletter" and "email". The Campaign name could be pulled automatically from Constant Contact's newsletter name. These are then auto appended to the URL's in the email.

2. If this is possible, it would be great on the Sent Email Summary page of Constant Contact to pull some data from Google Analytics. In addition to Bounces, Opens, Clicks, etc it would be great to Transactions, Conversion Rates, and Revenue.

I have seen this offered by Listrak and Vertical Response and have seen it out there on more too.

This excellent feature is a reason to switch, but I would prefer to stay with Constact Contact.

Any plans to offer this service?

I want the feature you mention. Is it available yet? I've been searching around for it.
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No. It is still a manual process.

But, in addition to this area of the forum, I suggest you post an enhancement request on this page.
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You can do this already by adding the Google Analytics code into your HTML. Just copy and paste it right before the tag. You can even set up a separate account in Google Analytics just for mailings if you want, or use the same one as the web site. It's very flexible.
Good luck,
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Except that email programs will disable the Javascript used in Google Analytics. That is why you use the GA URL Builder instead.
Our church does not currently accept American Express or Discover... only take Visa and MasterCard. ... only take Visa and MasterCard. But on the CC payment page for our event it lists all 4 credit card brands and we have no flexibility to edit those fields. All your customer service could do to help me is to have us put a NOTE: on our Registration page that we don't take American Express or Discover. The lack of editing capability on your payment page is a REAL BIG PROBLEM. Please change this flexibility.
Customers are complaining because the AmEx logo is showing on payment page even thought we don't take it. We can't remove the logo from the page. We've told the customers that we don't take AmEx and they are unhappy because the page says we do. Please allow us to identify which credit cards we accept.
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This idea is closed due to not enough votes. If you would still like to see this change in the future please start a new thread. 

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