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Please give users the ability to customize the content in the "Add to Calendar" .ics file that registrants can download and add to their iCalendars. This functionality is important, especially now that many companies and organizations are hosting webinars/online meetings.


Currently, when registrants download the .ics file, the copy in the auto-generated invite contains the link to register for the event. Why include this link to register when they've already registered for the event? Instead, we should be able to copy and paste the link to the online event (usually a Zoom, Webex or online meeting link) as well as the login information (access codes, meeting numbers, etc.)

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Hi @ORBA thank you for sharing this feedback with us! We are opening this idea up so other users can weigh in as well. In the meantime we would suggest adding this information to the description of your event so it will show in the body of the add to calendar notice.


Thank you, Frankie. I should have clarified:


Currently, when registrants download the .ics file, the copy from the auto-generated calendar invite from the confirmation e-mail registrants receive contains the link to the Constant Contact registration page for the event. Again, this is counter-intuitive because why would the calendar item they save to their iCalendar have a link to register for the webinar that they've already registered for?


We did include the meeting link (which I understand is required) as well as any login/access information in the description of the event. This request is to be able to customize the messaging saved in that add-to-calendar .ics file so that we can give our registrants the courtesy to download an .ics file containing pertinent login information for the webinar. 


Thank you for considering this request.

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YES PLEASE DO THIS! With virtual events this is causing an issue with attendees wanting to join the meetings.