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Customize Event

It would be very helpful to be able to change the format of the registration page... ie move sections around. For example, the section where people choose the items they would like to purchase (which is under settings not registration) falls at the very bottom of the registration page. I would like to add a few comments below this section such as Questions or Cancellations contact info. Unfortunately, that is not an option so I use fields ABOVE the fee section to include information which should fall at the end. Please allow us to move the sections in the final format or at least choose the order they fall in like you do in the form fields section.

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Besides a banner, I should also be able to add my logo. And I should be able to attach a flyer.

It would be very helpful to not have the 'price/cost' column show on the invitation page.

I found a very good work around for having multiple date options, but to have the cost/price column distracts from the invite.

under prefix there is none for Mr. and Mrs. Please add in a Mr. and Mrs. It seems to me that there are many people RSVP'ing as a couple Thank you. (even Mr. & Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. would be nice as well. Each time I create an event I have to figure out how to account for the spouse.

Even though it is possible to edit the footer on a created email, at this point, one cannot edit the footer on a newly created Event Registration Page.  I understand that the entire Constant Contact event platform is currently being updated; can this feature be added?




One thing I would like to see is more design options. There are few font styles to chose from, and absolutely no cursive fonts. Also, the event creation section is immensely outdated as far as customization goes.
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I'm holding a set of webinars/speaker series online (who isn't right now). I thought that your event campaigns would be the best way to organize registrations and communications around these events. 


For the most part, the event campaign has been good about organizing registrations and initial event information. But the communications options are disappointing and rather limited. Why is there effectively only one template for all registrant emails? Why don't I have access to the same layout and block options that are available to me in all other campaign types?


For instance, when I want to send a follow up email with a thank you and a video link, the layout is restricted to the registration option. The entire side bar (which is meant for Event information) is now redundant and unnecessary. I want to embed a video and a button link. Both of these are possible, but require work-arounds. 


In summary, I wish there was more ability to customize emails sent to event registrants than are currently available. As it stands, I have to evaluate if this method (this platform and this campaign type) is the right option. 

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Hi overall, I like working with CC but I thought it would be good to communicate that it's really frustrating to work on a nice design for the event page, and invite and then have no control over the automatic confirmation email. Its extremely difficult to update since it has input from the event page, and a secret text area that comes from the event set up and then another section that allows you to input some text. The confirmation email is clunky, un organized and UGLY... this should be easier to do. I hope it's an update soon. Also, it would be great to be able to export all the information from the registration list from an event. I have to go back and forth and add information manually to my excel sheet and it's VERY annoying and time consuming. Why do I get Registration status, and name...and not the company they are from and answer to my registration questions? This would be a major update. I look forward to hearing back or learning if there is a way to improve these issues.
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Hi @ClaudiaW92 what are you trying to customize in your event confirmation email? What steps would you expect to take in order to do this? As for exporting your registration information, what about our registration full detail report export tool does not fit these needs?

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Hello, thank you for telling me about the full detail report, this should be much better to work with. Regarding the confirmation email, there is section in the event set up where you add the confirmation text. I would like to have all the information in this step so I can preview and edit the design of this email. The email right now is only black and white with text and holds text from the registration page intro, the text from the setup step, and in no design format. Can this be enhanced? See the confirmation email in the attached file. (compared to the invite with a design) which I would like to improve because I can't get the padding but its a smaller issue. Screenshot 2020-05-29 08.57.33.pngScreenshot 2020-05-29 08.59.31.png


Hi @ClaudiaW92 thank you for following up with these details. At this time the ability to customize the confirmation email is not currently available. We are however merging your post into the correct thread for this request.

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@frankie_P ok thank you. I hope we get this developed in the near future as I do see us moving in this direction and I would really like to have a more professional way of confirming people's registrations. 



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