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Cutomized Donation Campaigns

Our organization is a small nonprofit that looks to save wherever we can! It seems crazy to be paying for separate donation pages, when we pay to have that as a featuer in our CC account. However, we're not able to use the CC donation pages because of the severely limited custom options. By forcing the page to show how much money is raised (solely online) our donors wouldn't see the checks, cash, or matching money that's come in, and therefore our totals would always be off. We also have multiple programs--listing a designation for a gift is not an outdated or abnormal request. Why isn't there an option to add additional fields? Similarly, we update all our contact information through donations...we need to be able to ask for a person's address. 


We love the modern and simple look of the CC donation campaign, but we need more options!! 

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Hi Tim, 


Thank you so much for the feedback. I will certainly make sure to collect your ideas and pass them along to our team!

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I stopped using Click n Pledge to allow me to consolidate all my needs within the Constant Contact platform. However, there are two main things that your donation page does not offer. A place for my logo and image. There is just one space not two. And most importantly, I need to offer three donation amounts not one. If I offer only one, then I'm limiting my donations. Most of our investors range from $500 to 2,500. If I just give the option of $500 this might lower my fundraising reach. This could be a deal breaker.

I recently have been trying to get assistance with reactivating an accidently ended donation campaign which wipes out all of the funds raised. Was wondering if there could be a feature that can reopen that page back up to original status with an update to the funds raised. This looks crazy if you ended a campaign early and or have to start a new when your goal has not been reached.

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