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Delete Survey

Delete Survey

I have several pre-configured questions that were generated by CC. I need to delete some of them and keep others.


I just spoke with someone in customer service and they referred me here as they said there was no option to do what I was asking. I couldn't find a way to delete previous drafts of survey invitation e/ soon as I check the box, the delete button goes away.   Now I have 2 or 3 drafts I'm not going to use just hanging out in my list. Please give us a way to delete drafts we no longer need.


Thank you!


Adding one more thing to that....I can't delete previous surveys either. I wanted to delete a "test" survey I'd created when we were first learning the program.




Also experiencing this same issue. I have two "draft" survey invitation emails that I cannot delete. The rep I just spoke to told me to publish the draft, and send it to myself and then I will be able to delete it from my list - NOPE. That doesn't work either. Would appreciate it if CC made it possible to delete survey drafts. 

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Yes, PLEASE give us a way to delete old surveys in our drafts folder.  We had a trial at one time and now have 2 drafts in there which cannot be deleted.  Kind of annoying.

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My survey is fine, and I sent out invitations. The survey is still opened, which is what I want. Then, I made 2 more draft invitations which I do not want to send. I want to delete them, but I can't. It seems strange that I can't delete them unless the survey is closed.
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To delete an unwanted survey, you have to close it first by pressing more, close, then you will have the option to chose more, delete.