Delete draft Google ad from 'my campaign' page

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A colleague new to CC created a draft Google ad that is listed on the all campaigns page. It was never activated and never will be, but there is no delete option. How can we get rid of it?

Thank you.


Hello @CMSM,


Thank you for pointing out that missing delete button.  I've added in a new feature request to make those test campaigns removable.  There's a number of changes going on with our integrations, and I would expect to see a number of improvements and changes in the near future.  I hope that for now you can ignore the campaign, but I'm personally confident that you'll have full functionality to delete that as we roll out other parts of the integration.


I am having this same issue - no "delete" button for a draft/test ad campaign.  Please let me know how to delete this from my current Campaign List.


Hi @FirstNameL232844 . As Aaron mentioned, there is not a way to delete ads from the campaigns view. We will track your feedback.

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