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Delete individuals within family registrations

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Delete individuals within family registrations

Hi, I love your product, but I'm waiting for a key feature. 1.) Church events have families. Families register individuals but sometimes they can't all make it. I'd like to cancel an individual within a family registration without having to re-do the registration. 2.) Families, large ones, pay differently. I'd love to be able to edit the payment for individuals within families. Mom and dad paypal, daughter and husband with check. I like the Constant Contact registration, but have been waiting 3 years for this. I'd really like this feature and then I can recommend it for more churches. Summer camps with kids could be a huge use for this product, but without individual editing of registrations...its just too much work versus Group Vacation Bible School program. Common, your losing clients to Group!?
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Thanks for sharing the specifics of your situation @StJohns-Oakland. This is very helpful for future improvements to the Event functionality! We will be sure to keep you updated so please keep sharing your ideas!

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