Deleting an Event or Social Post

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It would be very helpful if you could Delete an event instead of just having it active, closed or cancelled. There have been several times that our organization thinks they are going to offer an event so an event is created and made live then it is decided to scrap the event. It adds a lot of cluttered events that you have  to scroll through especially if several people in your organization are creating events. The same idea for social posts I have posted something then immediately needed to go directly to the platform through my phone/laptop to delete it because of an error within my post. I understand if you need to go  directly to the platform to delete the post but after that I would like to go back  into  Constant Contact and delete the post so it can accurately reflect what I kept posted especially for when viewing hits/analytics. 


Thank you.

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Hi @DianaB89 what are the steps you're taking to delete your event campaign or your social share post? Does the current delete button available help fit your needs?




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