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I recently, sent out a  survey campaign to our storage clients asking Yes I am Storing or NO I am not storing. 

115 emails were sent out. 66 responded YES and 9 responded NO leaving an unknown of 40 who had not responded.  I wanted to run a printable report showing me The Yes, The No's and the NOT Responded. 

I could not find and option to provide this data. I reached out to the constant contact support team and they did there best to find this as an option but it was not there.  

So long story short It would be a helpful addition to the site to be able to view and print who has not responded as well as who has responded.  Thank you, 

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @Lesliec8. Thank you so much for the feedback. I can definitely see how this reporting could be useful and I'll open this idea up for voting! 

It would be helpful if surveys had the same resend to unopened recipients that the regular emails have. If the function does exist, I do not see where.
Can you enable us to see the list of those who have not responded to the survey and resend the email to them (in the same way you can see those who have responded to the survey). Thanks.
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