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It would be very helpful if it were possible to create a tracking code - like a discount code, but with no discount attached (or if we could set the discount to $0). I am trying to track a group of registrants from a particular agency, need to set a cap, but it can't be an access code because they need to be able to access multiple types of registration fees (access codes can only access one type of fee).
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Hi @TomK1 

Thanks for posting, I can understand how this is a challenging situation. You are right that you couldn't use the same Access code to allow more than one fee type at this time. If you wanted to offer a discount I think Discount codes could work as it would apply to the entire order but I see how tracking would be helpful to see who registers from a specific agency. Could you include a field for this information on the registrtion form?

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In my event planning, we have it that the Presenter would receive a 50% discount.  But we also have it set up that they can register more than 1 at a time because many of our schools send multiple people.  Can you set it up that the code is applied 1 time only...We don't want to make it that they have to register each person separately, they would not like that.

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