Donation form BADLY needed on the registration page for 501c3 organizatoins

We often do not charge for events so donations are critical. Putting donation forms on "decline" pages is not helpful to us for many reasons, most important of which is we only ask people if they ARE coming, not if they aren't! This is the third event we have had using your software in two years and this is the third time I have raised this issue. SURELY, others have found this to be a very important concern. PLEASE do it! Make it an OPTION like selling items and let people write in their own amounts. Thank you. The Music Circle
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Thanks for posting. Do you use Paypal to collect donations now? If so, you could always include the donation button on the invite instead. Here's an FAQ  with directions on this.

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We prefer to use Paypal for donations. Why is this not an option?
We want to promote donations as gifts this December and the configuration our embedded donate page is awful. You have to scroll all the way to the bottom to choose between "in memory of" or "in honour of". For many people, "in honour of" does not signify "gift". Then they have to select "send an ecard" before being able to see the selection of ecards. We should be able to promote the idea of making a donation as a gift right at the top with a selection of ecards visible on the donate page, much higher up.

Please ignore our post. In our frustration it was sent to the wrong organization! Our apologies!

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