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I did a Facebook Downloadable campaign. The Reporting tab shows that there were 2 downloads. However, when I click on the "2" it shows the clock that it is thinking, but the report never appears. It just gets stuck and this will go on for 10+ minutes.
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Hi David,

I am sorry to hear this is happening. We're aware of this issue and working to get it fixed. I've opened a case in your account to make sure you a notified with more information as we have it. To check on this case click Help & Tips > More Help > Review your support history. Just choose to view your open cases from the dropdown.



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I did a recent FB promotion. I can now see the report results, except when I click on "2" to see who downloaded the report. Will we be able to see who downloaded reports/white papers for these type of promotions? Tech support has been looking into this since last week and I was wondering on the status. Thanks, Dave
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