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Not being able to edit the font size on the registration page is a real problem. The default font is just too small for older eyes. Last year, we were able to edit at least the headers to make it accessible to all of our participants, but we dan't do that this year. This will be a significant problem for our participants as they try to register.

It's great that we can download a CSV file for the registrants of event, but unfortunately there is no way to download a file of those who declined.  When the list is small, you can try to copy and paste into a spreadsheet, but the e-mail button comes along with each record line, which is hard to work around.  I want to keep a spreadsheet with two tabs, one for registrants and one for decliners, for each of my events.


I hope you will come up with a fix for this.


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We rescheduled an event, but then we weren't able to change the status of the declines to either "no response" or "registered".
1. Cannot find the 'decline' page to edit it - the UJC committee is not happy with the checklist. Was told by Chat that this is not an option. 2. Can you add a radio button payment option to 'Let the UJC Office charge the event to my credit card on file in the Office'. Was told by Chat that this was not an option either. Authorize.net is US only - PayPal Asia will not give an account to ANY religious institution. We did wait until the last minute - didn't see that you had two other options for us to explore - the Event must go out tomorrow night - and so the requested option will help tremendously. We can explore the other options you presented - before our next event - but not this one. Thank you!
I want to be able to manually decline someone who RSVPs to me directly (rather than through the CC invitation). I want to do this so that the person who has declined does not continue to receive reminders. The "Decline someone" function on the event dashboard is very confusing. It looks like I (event organizer) am declining the other person's event. It would be helpful if you changed the language when the decline is manual, so that it is clear it is the organizer who is initiating the decline.
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Hello - I'd love to add a custom field to the form that someone fills out when they decline an event - is this at all possible?

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Yes, I need to add another field like "Although you cannot attend, would you like more information about the program?" with a Yes/No option

Sent invitations - I'd like to be able to modify the list of invited guests to an event.  I have invited several out-of-state customers to an event, but because of the travel involved, they will not be able to attend.  That said, I would like to be able to modify my guest list and remove them in a quick way rather than have to manually go in and decline each one.  I wanted to include them in the guest list so that they'd know they were invited, but now I need to remove them from the list before I send a reminder notice out to the other local invited guests who have not yet responded.  Thanks for the opportunity to provide a suggestion for a potential future enhancement.

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