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Email Block confusing

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Email Block confusing

When I create an event, I tend to just follow the steps in 1-2-3 order. so, I create the event, enter all the information pertinent to that event, then I want to create an email to notify others of the event. Here is where the confusion comes in: 1. The email block has options to Schedule an Email and Create an Invitation. When I clicked Schedule email, I expected to find screens to create the email and then schedule when it is sent. this option is, obviously, for those who created their email prior to creating the event. 2. The Create an Invitation option is really what I need, however, as it is worded as an invitation, I assumed it meant I was creating some sort of flyer to include/attach to an email. My preferences would be to have this box say the following: Create an Invitation Email Schedule a previously created Email 3. The last frustrating issue I have is that when I get to this point, I've created and tested my event, I'm ready to send it via email, and then I realize I didn't update my contacts. So, when I go to create the email, I have to back out completely to enter the contacts and then find the event and email again, then send. It is not as event concentric as I would prefer but it is certainly workable.
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Thanks for sharing your feedback on this process. I appreciate your details, they help us understand what pieces are confusing to you!


I'll keep you in the loop with any planned updates. Thanks again!

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