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Email Event Attendees Only

Email Event Attendees Only

It would be great following an event to be able to use the event functionality to send an email to attendees only. Currently, I can send to registrants, but if I want to send a thank you for attending, I may not want to send to all registrants as there is rarely full attendance. I know the work around is to download a list of attendees and create an email using a standard email campaign (not "events"), but that is not as convenient and does not keep metrics inside the event reporting. Thank you!


Status changed to: Voting Open

Great feedback.  Thank you @NexInfoE!


Yes, a really good feature to have within the event system. It's a huge pain to go to each individual to add them to a new list. Has this not been added yet? 

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When will this be available? 


Our hospital would find this useful as well. We want to email a formal evaluation to attendees. Our evaluations can not use the embedded survey tools for internal-review reasons. 

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I agree that this is a necessary feature.  There needs to be COMPLETE FLEXIBILITY to email after an event is closed to ALL invitees, just attendees or any other combination.  I recently needed to send event follow-up to everyone who was invited, whether or not they attended.  I first created an email to Non-Respondents, then one to Registrants.  Then, I downloaded the list of recipients of those 2 emails and compared it to the full list of invitees.  There were still about 4 people that weren't on either the Registrant or Non-Respondent lists, so I used the Forward Email feature and wrote in each of their email addresses.  Hopefully we got them all.