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Email Event Attendees Only

It would be great following an event to be able to use the event functionality to send an email to attendees only. Currently, I can send to registrants, but if I want to send a thank you for attending, I may not want to send to all registrants as there is rarely full attendance. I know the work around is to download a list of attendees and create an email using a standard email campaign (not "events"), but that is not as convenient and does not keep metrics inside the event reporting. Thank you!


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Great feedback.  Thank you @NexInfoE!

Regular Participant

Yes, a really good feature to have within the event system. It's a huge pain to go to each individual to add them to a new list. Has this not been added yet? 

Frequent Participant

When will this be available? 


Our hospital would find this useful as well. We want to email a formal evaluation to attendees. Our evaluations can not use the embedded survey tools for internal-review reasons. 


I agree that this is a necessary feature.  There needs to be COMPLETE FLEXIBILITY to email after an event is closed to ALL invitees, just attendees or any other combination.  I recently needed to send event follow-up to everyone who was invited, whether or not they attended.  I first created an email to Non-Respondents, then one to Registrants.  Then, I downloaded the list of recipients of those 2 emails and compared it to the full list of invitees.  There were still about 4 people that weren't on either the Registrant or Non-Respondent lists, so I used the Forward Email feature and wrote in each of their email addresses.  Hopefully we got them all.



Regular Participant

I agree there needs to be a lot more flexibility around event emails. 

I would love to set up the following automatic series for my events and be able to do any of the steps easily on their own if I want to. 
1. Send email with embedded registration link to my lists.

2. Send email to my contacts that register with a confirmation. 

3. Send email to my contacts that registered a few days before the event with reminder and location details. 

4. Send email a few days after the event to my contacts who attended. 

PLEASE do this!! I know you already have 1 and 2 (although 2 is not pretty), but even if you just allowed me to segment my lists by the contacts who registered for events I would have 3 out of the 4. 


Thank you!


This functionality would be great, as would the ability to select attendees and add a specific tag for them, so an email to registrants could be narrowed down.

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