Email Export

It would be great if there was a way to export the email itself as a PDF or even a word document after it's been sent. We sometimes have people ask us for a version they can forward that isn't embedded in an email, and that requires us to copy and paste, and then struggle with formatting for a while before we can provide the PDF version.

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Thanks for sharing this feedback. Unfortunately because the templates are Constant Contact property we don't allow it to be exported to PDF.  Have you considered using Archive to share the emails? This would allow you a unique URL for each sent email and an Archive homepage to share all of the links. Check it out here.


We don't want to export a template of an email, we want to export the actual email after it's been created with our event or organization info entered. We know about the archive option - but this still doesn't allow us to save a copy of the email to our files, share the invites with people who can't handle the CC html formatting, access it offline, etc etc.

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