Event Invitation

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Frustrating beyond belief. Who designs this? Unable to delete. Creates a new one every time. @$$%&^(i())(*^$#!!
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@MatthewG4094-- Sorry you're having frustrations.  Can you explain what's happening a little further so I can understand the feedback and have someone reach out to help if need be?  Thanks.


When you copy an event or set-up an event with invitations, every time you open the event and select your invitation file, a new "copy of" file is created. Sometimes, we need to work on an inivitation or get someone to proof it before just proceeding to send it out.  So, each time we open the invitations for the event, a new "copy of copy of copy of ... file name" is created.   But, if you go to "schedule email" you can delete all of the extra copies, but then you can't rename the file so it doesn't say it's the 15th copy. 

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