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Event Invitations, more ability to send to a specific list

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Event Invitations, more ability to send to a specific list

A repeated concern I hear from our membership, is that they don't like receiving emails for events once they have registered, or declined. If you could offer a feature that would allow subsequent RSVP's to be sent only to those who have not responded, it would be useful. I'm thinking the following options: Option 1) Email to the full distribution list. Option 2) Email to partial lists using the following logic: Full list, minus registered, minus declined. Just a thought....



Can you clarify what type of email you are sending to these people? If you are sending an Event Email you can then email the non-respoinders from within the event. This will not re-send to the people registered or those who have already declined. Check out this FAQ for more. 

Status changed to: More information needed
Status changed to: Closed - No Action