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Event Registrant List - would be more helpful to see WHAT they registered for than WHEN

Event Registrant List - would be more helpful to see WHAT they registered for than WHEN

We have an annual conference, and also offer pre-conference workshops as "Items".  It would be more helpful on the Registrant List for me to see what they signed up for than the date/time of the registration.  I have to go into each persons details to see whether they paid regular vs. student rate, and whether they just signed up for the conference or also selected pre-con workshops.

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Thanks for this feedback!

When we initially signed on with Constant Contact your reporting feature was fantastic. You were able to generate a custom snapshot of campaigns sent during a time frame you selected via a calendar. It was very easy to use and i was able to generate these stats on a 30 day period (showing campaigns that were sent during this time frame) for our monthly meetings. Now your reporting feature is limited to the last 50 campaigns sent and you can't generate a printable copy. I would like to see you bring back the capability to select a time frame, i.e. May 1 to May 31, of sent campaigns with stats on total sent, open rate, click through rate, bounce rate, and unsubscribe rate. To have this flexibility would be appreciated.
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It would be nice to have more flexibility in the Reporting menu. Currently it only allows us to view the reports for the 50 most recent campaigns, it would be nice to be able to view more than 50 at a time and even be able to export this data into excel for further analysis. It would also be great to be able to choose which data you would like to be on the exported report. Is this something that is going to be implemented soon?

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It would be super helpful to have a report that shows the top 50 responders/clickers. It could allow my company (and others) to reward the customers that follow our promotions closely. Thanks!

Add fields containing date of first open, last open, and last click to help senders gauge the effectiveness of campaigns, as well as provide a quick and easy method to cull chronic non-open addressees from the data file. This would allow for more relevant mailings and much more accurate details and statistics about campaigns.

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You mean you don't like spending 6 hours running multiple exports, making corrections to the field names, importing into an Access database, designing 30 make-table and append queries to do your basic reporting and list culling?


Me neither.



We need to be able to pull stats/reports on more than just the past 50 campaigns. We like to compare year over year and now we are unable to do this. We like to do this to be able to ID trends, our behavior, our customers behavior, what works best. We need to at least go back to 1/1/2015. Please help us with this ASAP.
I have a suggestion for a report. I would like to see how many people viewed my event landing page vs how many people registered. Also where are those views coming from? email, facebook, my website etc...

Report limitations - need more than 50 as we need a summary for the entire month. We also need to compare results to other months as well as previous year.