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Event Registrant List - would be more helpful to see WHAT they registered for than WHEN

Event Registrant List - would be more helpful to see WHAT they registered for than WHEN

We have an annual conference, and also offer pre-conference workshops as "Items".  It would be more helpful on the Registrant List for me to see what they signed up for than the date/time of the registration.  I have to go into each persons details to see whether they paid regular vs. student rate, and whether they just signed up for the conference or also selected pre-con workshops.

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Hello - It appears to me that the "time sent" shown on the campaign comparison report is the time I send the campaign to Constant Contact, not the time the emails were actually sent to my list. As I schedule delivery in the future this report would be much more useful if you show the times the emails were actually sent to my lists.
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REPORTING The report on campaigns forces a print view of landscape orientation and then takes up 2 pages just to show the graph. We want to be able to permanently suppress the graph from both on-line viewing and printing. We also want to have the ability to print the report in portrait orientation. It's always very frustrating when an "upgrade" and "new" version actually takes away options that were available in the prior version. We use this report page to create a PDF file that is circulated internally. We find your CSV export to be utterly useless -- and we have tried to make that export work in our other reporting formats. Constant Contact really struck out on the redesign of the reporting function.
This is very disconcerting that you've changed how events show up, and I can't get the sort that was the default before.
Most of our surveys will have a combination of quantitative and qualitative questions. Viewing the results in CC doesn't allow us to see both the text answers and the number data in the same view, nor in the same report. Yes, there is an excel download option including both, but they are on separate worksheets and the first worksheet doesn't provide the graphs. I need to provide a single report to stakeholders that includes all information. Can you please make a PDF option that includes the graphs and text responses in the one report? Please??
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It's really time consuming to have to click into each campaign in order to download/print the email stat report.
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Can't export data from more than 50 campaigns.

This was available prior to the mid-summer upgrade


I am upset. This is the first time I've received poor service from CC. Changing the data we can access for reporting is unacceptable and incredibly inconvenient. If you need to pull reports farther back than the last 50 emails, you have to compile the data yourself EMAIL BY EMAIL. That's what support told me. Ridiculous. Please change this. 


If you catre to small businesses, you, better than anyone else, should know how strapped for time small business personnel are. Making our jobs more cumbersome is only an incentive to find this service elsewhere. 



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Seems like a pretty simple fix uh?


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 Many have complained, no real positive response that its going to be addressed.


They didn't seem to consider OUR data important.

It literally took me 45 minutes to find the list of signed up participants to a workshop. Far more difficult to navigate than on the previous iteration of your pages.