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Event Registrants Excel Report

Hello Constant Contact, First, I'm so happy you listened and created folders for our different type of campaigns. It has helped me SO MUCH in organizing. THANK YOU! Second, I was hoping in the future one of the features that could be tweaked is the event registrants excel report download. When you download the report it gives very little details. For example, if we have items they can select or additional people they can register it just shows us a number in the excel sheet. I would like to see the details of what they selected in the excel report so I don't have to click on each individual person to see their specific details. Not sure if this is possible, but like the folders, I would seriously appreciate it. Thanks for always listening and providing such a great service!
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Topic: Registered attendee download


I am frustrated by the registered attendee download option.  It would be so nice to be able to select information to download and get it in single excel spreadsheet list.  Right now, if an attendee has added guests to their registration, those guests are listed to the right of the primary "registrant" in the download and I have to  spend time cutting and pasting to get the information into a format to transfer to my main registration database. Does anyone else have this issue?


It would be nice if we could see the names of registered guests when viewing the registration lists without having to click on the details link.  It would also be nice if the guest information could be downloaded along with the primary registrant.


If you go to the report tab within your event and click "Export Report" then click "Custom Report", you can choose all of the items you want included in your event spreadsheet. 

In a campaign, when I click on the number of people registered, it would be good to see the company name too. Often people use their personal email address and from the list view it would be nice to know where they work.
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