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While your event registration is a good option it needs more fine-tuning. Example: We have an annual golf tournament and players need the ability to choose different packages, which I can make, however, there needs to be an option to create and differentiate players per package. So if someone clicks on Twosome, they then would be prompted another menu to ONLY fill in information for 2 players. As it stands they can click on say Twosome but can add in up to a Foursomes amount of players and only be charged for 2. 

Also, please add more graphics or allow the ability to change colors etc. as you do in your email templets. There are a limited # of temples and we are reusing templets because we do not have any other options. Adding the ability to change them as in the email templets would be GREAT! 

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Hi @SchmidConstruction


Thanks for the great feedback! I'm going to open this topic up for voting.

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Thank you. Unfortunately, I chose to downgrade our subscription with Constant Contact and are now using Event Caddy for our golf tournament event software. Every software is different and yours make work of other types of events but it is not compatible with golf tournaments. I wish you the best of luck.

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