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I often need FULL event reports, that include everyone that has registered, no response, decline, and abandons.  It would see the custom report should do that, but all I can get out of custom and full reporting is some variation of info on the registrants.  Why can't I download all invitees and any info that pertains to them? 

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Hi @RuthM613 


Thanks for the great feedback. At this time we are not planning any further development on our events program. We are only fixing critical issues. I will still track your feedback in the event that those plans change in the future. You can download a report of your invitees by accessing the sent reporting for your event email, however, this will not include any information on who registered or declined, so you would still need to combine multiple reports if you wanted to have all the information in one report.


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Custom Report is not working at all for us. I have been receiving error messages for about a month or more.

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