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When creating an event there is a check box in the lower left hand corner of the dashboard. It is titled "Events Calendar" and has a checkable box reading "Add this event to my event calendar".  In no way does this language imply anything about social media sharing, but when it is checked the links and language encouraging registrants to share on social media platforms appear on the registration page for registered attendees.


This is very misleading and can potentially cause problems. This language gives the impression that you are creating an "add to calendar" link so that guests may easily save the event like a calendar invite. 


Please consider revising this language so that it clearly identify what this check box is for. 


Thank you.

Status changed to: Voting Open

Thanks for the great feedback @WolverineC, I'm going to open this idea for additional voting and comments.

I set up this invitation and the landing page, and no where could I indicate that it should or should not be shared on facebook or tweeted! This should be corrected. This should be a parameter that I determine. As it is it shows up on the landing page when someone registers and this is a private event that should not be shared on facebook.
Hello, It MUST be removed that a private business and bespoke event can be shared after registering for an invite only event. We do NOT want our private events shared on Social Media outlets. We work very hard to include and exclude individuals and for a bespoke brand for these events. Please REMOVE this feature. NO SOCIAL media sharing after registering for an event unless specifically allowed by ME the user and paying customer of this service. Danielle Acresis

Hi @DanielleP586. This is a great point. I wanted to point out that you can remove the share option for your event within your account 

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