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It would be really nice if some simple advancements could be made to event spot.  I've shared ideas in the past and I feel like there are so many small features that should be added.  Today's feature is to please add a notes field in event spot for cancellations.  It would be super helpful to be able to write a note when someone cancels their event registration to allow us to put a note in to indicate if we've given them a refund or transferred them to another class or if we are giving them a 6 month credit. It would also be super helpful if the date of cancellation would populate and print out on reports & the rosters.  


Being able to change the layout and order of where things are placed in the registration page would be helpful too when designing an event. From time to time I also try to go in to past events to see how I've worded the messages that people get when they register. I get so frustrated when I'm not able to access that information because the event has already passed.  That is so frustrating, why does it have to disappear? Why can I at least read it & maybe copy it ??? 


Please, please give us some usable enhancements.

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