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Event Spot Features...

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Event Spot Features...

Hello, Here's a few for the suggestion box... This is for Event Spot specifically: 1) Add the feature to be able to add auto - responders to the people who are signing up... ones that we control and be good to have an automatic one that sends reminders of what they signed up for based on logic of when they signed up... Say they signed up 3 weeks in advance of the event... They should receive several reminders that the event is coming up automatically... Like 1 for each week prior and 2 email reminders the week of the event... 2) Be nice to have a random generator picker... register to win is very valuable lead capture and it would be fantastic to be able to have a system that can randomly select the winner... keeps it fair for everyone! 3) Currently you have to export registrants then import them to a list... seems like you should easily be able to just add them to a list... why make us do all that extra work to get them into a list... Thank You

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Thanks for posting!