Event emails need to be upgraded

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It would be nice if emails composed within events were more flexible and used the same email creation program as we use in regular email campaigns. Because I have been creating Constant Contact emails for several years, I was familiar with the old email creation program, but I have to think it is challenging to newer users.  


Also, there needs to be a way to easily send event-related emails to a select group of registrants rather than all of them (eg. late registrants who sign up after an email was sent to all who registered on time).  I figured out a work-around, but it took hours! 




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Hi @MaryW011 what features are from our Third Generation Editor are you looking for in an event email? How would you expect to send an event related email to a select group of registrants?

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Thanks for asking!


When I attempt to send an email to registrants through the email section of the event dashboard, it appears that the only option is to send an email to all registrants at once. For our event, we sent out a "last-minute details" email on the day registration officially closed, but then we allowed people to register late.  I wanted to be able to send that email again to just those who registered late, or better still, one by one, to the late registrants, as we have been able to do with the "Quick Send" feature that has made it possible to send emails to individuals from the Contacts section of the site.  (We ended up enabling permissions for those individuals who registered late and sending an email created in the Third Generation Editor, but it was a very cumbersome workaround.  Don't worry, we don't plan to add these folks to our general email list without further permission!) 


Furthermore, the emails that you can create in the Events section of the site are of the earlier version (2nd Generation?) and thus are cumbersome to edit relative to the Third Generation Editor.  It took me a long time, but I was finally able to create the kind of email I wanted because I had a lot of experience with that earlier version, but new CC users are probably lost, with no familiarity with that version.  I would like all the features of the Third Generation Editor there so that the email creation experience is identical. 


Just one example is that I'd like to have the Button block there.  Yes, there is the option to have the "Sign up Block" there, but all that is available is an unattractive, outdated white button.  I ended up adding an image of a button and linking it to our sign-up page. 


I would also like to be able to choose my own wording for the headlines and subheadlines.  CC gives us no choice but the "Event Title Block"  for headlines, and the wording can only be the precise name of the event.  I had some subheadlines that I wanted to add to other parts of the email and was frustrated to find that every headline took on the name of the event.  I finally added some additional  "Event Information Blocks" and colored the background and increased the font size so I could have the subheadlines I wanted. 




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Thank you for following up with these details @MaryW011 we will be opening up this idea for other users to weigh in as well.

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