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Few issues and suggestions...



Emailing registrants

  • Why aren't the usual templates available? When the event is over, I'd like to send a thank-you using the "card" template, which I can include polls. The answers to these polls should show up on the event dashboard.
  • There should be a much simpler way to make a contact list of the registrants (outside of the "allow registrants to join my contact list" feature). I do not have the time to download the csv and upload it and add the contacts and make the list. It would save a lot of time and unneccesary excel spreadsheets cluttering my files.

"Add to Calendar"

  • The "Add to calendar" button" should not show up (or be replaced by "Please register to add to calendar") on registration page until registrant has submitted their registration form. Our online webinar login and password is in the calendar event notes.
  • When you click "Add to calendar", for online events, the URL no longer shows up under "Location" in the outlook event. It used to, but now there's nothing there.
3.The text in the confirmation message (that shows up after registrant submits) should be editable. It should have a tool bar like the one for this post so we can emphasize the next steps with styling.
4.The confirmation email looks really outdated and messy. It would make sense that it at least is the same theme as the rest of the event campaign. Ideally, I'd like to be able to edit it just as I am able to edit the invitation.
5.Events in general -- please add a "category" feature!! that way we can categorize events. Like all my online webinars would be in one spot, and all my conferences in another, etc...


Thank you!

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This is great feedback, thank you for sharing!

Occasional Participant

And to add to the first one...when the event is over, sometimes I want to send a Feedback Survey to registrants but I don't want to send them to the entire list of registrants (because some are internal).  I wish you could choose individual people from within a list to follow up with instead of being forced to choose the whole list.


Hi there,

We just sent out an event invitation and it would be nice if we had the ability to edit the look of the automated registration response (after someone registers) as the readability and layout have a lot to be desired. 


Mason Wells 

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Hi @LindaE5 


Thanks for the great feedback. At this point, we don't have any plans to develop new features for our events program, and we'll only be addressing critical bugs. I'm going to track your feedback in the event these plans change.


Thanks for using Constant Contact!

Rob L.

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