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The emails that the event planner receives should indicate if the registrant has paid or not. They all look the same, whether the payment has been made or is pending. I like to print these out for my file.
Status changed to: New
Status changed to: Closed - Indirectly Fixed
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There is the capability to send an email to Registrants. I would like to see the option to add a LINK to the email to print ticket(s). Many people do not print their tickets until they get a reminder email.
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I am confused -- what is the indirect fix on this -- I would like the email that tells me who registered also tell me the payment status. Can I add that field to the email that is sent to me?


Hello @RodV68872,

That's a great question. That's actually something that will be emailed to you by the payment processor, which is why it's considered an indirect fix. Since we don't handle the payment side of events, those payment confirmation emails do come from Paypal, WePay, etc directly. If there's anything else we can help with, please let us know.


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