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EventSpot App removed

EventSpot App removed

The EventSpot check-in app has been removed! Why on earth was no announcement made and why on earth would you simply remove a product so many use? Now we have to go back to paper? Seriously!
CTCT Employee
Status changed to: Voting Open

Hello @MicheleM73037,


I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused by our team removing the EventSpot check-in app. It had not been updated in several years and was beginning to develop compatability issues, and the decision was made to invest resources in our new Eventbrite integration instead of Eventspot. If you would still like to scan tickets for a Constant Contact Event, you can do so with any QR Code Scanner. However, you will need to log in to Constant Contact to monitor final attendance.


I'm going to open this post up for others to vote on. I will bring this and any additional feedback that we collect to our developers, so they know there is still demand for the Event Check-in App.


Thank you for using Constant Contact!

Rob L.

Occasional Organizer

Please continue to provide and support Event Check In.  I learned today that, because of the integration of EventBrite, you will not be providing the Check In app or supporting the app any longer.  We chose Constant Contact events, not EventBrite.  I don't wish to require another account with them just so I have check in options for my event.  If Constant Contact is planning to phase out events or push us to EventBrite, please let us know now so we can decide how we will continue in the future.

Regular Visitor

Since they have removed the EventSpot app, they should complete the removal by deleting all references to it within the Dashboard and other places on their website.  It’s confusing.