It would be GREAT if you would add recurring events as an option. I have weekly or monthly events that currently require me to go in, copy, manually adjust dates/times, then take live. If this could be automated it would save time for my staff and minimize human error on events. Thanks!

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Thanks for posting this feedback! We know reoccuring events is a popular practice so thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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Hi folks,


For years I've been requesting that the event management software allow me to post an event that occurs one day a week over several weeks. It is possible, see the event posting function at





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I run classes once a week for 6 to 9 weeks, depending on the class. And some of my events are monthly events without end. It's a real PITA to create multiple events for each class session. Yes, I can copy the events, but that is clunky and takes a lot of time. Please make recurring events possible.


As part of recurring events, it needs to be possible to have a registration fee due at or before the first class session, then no fee for subsequent session for some recurring events. For other recurring events, we need to be able to charge a fee per event. Also, some recurring events need to be able to limit registrations only to those who have attended the previous events in the series.


I work in public health and create meetings for people to attend online. It would be phenomenal if I could create a recurring event that the recipients could add onto their calendar. For example, a email that would include what the meeting is about, how to connect to gotomeeting, when they will occur (every 1st and 3rd tuesday) and an option to add that to their calendar. 

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