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It was disappointing to find that we still are unable to use CC for our ticketing needs. We are a small 501 c 3 non-profit w/ multiple concerts. Within our schedule we sell mostly season tickets; i.e., all four concerts being a "season," or "Series." However, as in all other theaters, a member might buy a Series ticket for all 4 concerts, but might want 2 additional tickets for one or two other concerts. OR, someone may not want all four but may want to buy the first concert. Later they decide to buy for another concert. This is exactly the same for several - several! - other arts groups right here in San Diego. But Constant Contact won't accommodate these needs. Unfortunately we discovered that well into our season in 2013-14 so we are not using EventSpot now. We are most disappointed to find that CC still cannot handle multiple events. Sincerely, I really think you're missing the boat with this weakness. Your price point is agreeable to the non-profits, but your program totally misses it. I see that CC has fixed the reporting problem by again allowing selection options. CC really needs to re-think your priorities about multiple event sales. Think concerts! There's a lot of business out there for you that you're missing!!!

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Thanks for posting @CCRSF . I am sorry to hear EventSpot isn't working for you but understand how multiple events would help. Please continue to share you ideas here so we can work to use them for future updates. 

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