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It would be helpful if enhanced on the settings in event spot in the section where we are to select the number of attendees allowed. My event attendees have different allowances for tickets. Some are allowed up to 12, and others are allowed a plus 1. I do not want my attendees with a plus 1 to have the option to select 12. I also do not want to create a 2nd event just to accommodate that as that would mean more time on my plate to set it up. As a user, I should have more than one option for drop downs and assign the quantity of tickets for when I am ready to designate the fee title under the fees section. Under the fee section, there should be a drop down for each title where we can select a customized ticket allowance for each. This would be a worthy change! Also, the Mulituser Feedback bar was very hard to find. Doesn't belong at the bottom of a page. I recommend relocating it. Thank you. MaryAnne

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