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Events Calendar needs to show chronologically!

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I have spent nearly two hours today with chat support trying to fix the reversed order of my events calendar on my website. I use the widget on my website and people are directed to it in order to register for our events. If they can't see the event on the calendar they won't know about the event and they won't be able to register for the event! I was told you have changed it to show the last event first. THIS MAKE NO SENSE and is totally debilitating our event registration process. This is a problem that would force me to cancel my account with Constant Contact. Please respond asap!
We had been using the Attend My Events Widget for many months. Recently it changed the event listing to show the furthest out event first and list them backward (for us, this is November, then October, etc). This is really frustrating. We want to promote our next event (July, August) in order. Not something that is many months away. PLEASE provide a sort order, or return the sort order to the java script code.
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Thank you for your post. We appreciate the feedback and will look into making this change for you.



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