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It would be helpful if I could set up an event where only those invited are able to register. If they want to register and have not been directly sent the email invite I would have to approve them. I set an email to 50 direct contacts to register for an event and it started getting forwarded and now I have people registered and don't have space for the people who were initially invited.


Thanks for posting this feedback! Have you considered sending out your invites with promo codes that you indicate are only good for one registrant? I would also suggest hiding your event from the calendar so your registants won't be able to share the event on social media. 

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In the Registration window for first name, one person entered John and Kristen. Perhaps make it clearer that the registration is only for a single person and others would be guests, for example.
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In the past, a registrant could enter a name and email for registration to an event more than once. This is no longer a capability since CC put in a filter to prevent duplicate registrations. I need that feature back in the software. Can the filter be adjusted to allow someone to reserve seats (not using the guest list) in one name and register under the same name and email address multiple times?
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