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I want to edit the entire registration, not the Status and Personal Information only. To make changes to the other sections, I must cancel the current registration and register again. This is especially problematic, if they have paid by PayPal, and it is a lot extra work for the host.
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Hi @FSBHTiger what are the types of edits you're looking to make on the registration if it is not the status or personal information?


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When someone has registered and needs to change method of payment, amount donated, items bought, size of items bought or anything other than personal info, I must cancel and create a new registration. But most annoying is neither CC or PayPal will help the seller recover the PayPal. PayPal used the add fees to the total. Now they deduct fees from the total. On simple registrations I add a fee but when there are multiple options to purchase, it is too difficult. PayPal could revert to adding the fees to customers total. CC could help by allowing me to create a variable charge based on total purchases. I do not understand why both of you neglect such an important issue for sellers.

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