Eventspot: Bulk Export and Bulk Edit

The Problem

We have a lot of events (or classes) that we do and have a survey options to see where our attendees found out about us. If I'm wanting information on this from the last 6 months, I literally have to go in to every single individual event and export them one by one before being able to compile all of that data into a single spreadsheat.


That's a ridiculous amount of work and is VERY time consuming.  No one wants to do that.


The Solution

I am proposing that you add a BULK EXPORT option for events and a BULK EDIT option as well. This would save your customers time. We all know that time is more valuable than money - so it goes without saying that this would be a HUGE benefit to your customers.


While the bulk export option is self explanitory, the bulk edit is not... So let me explain..


  • Events that have the SAME general information would be able to be editable by bulk (i.e. custom survey options, questions, etc).
  • Information that can have variants (location, date, times), would NOT be editable.


Please add these options! It would save your customers a lot of headache!

Status changed to: New
Status changed to: Voting Open
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