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The new archive feature does not allow you to add subheadings like the old archive did.  This makes it more difficult when scanning an archive list to find a particular article (this is a newsletter archive in my case.)  I also learned the hard way that the subject line is used as the name of the archived e-mail - not the name I had given to the e-mail.  This means that the year of the newsletter was omitted and the archive is just a long list of months without any way of knowing the year.  I have learned how to correct this going forward by changing my subject line to include the year but it's something for you to consider.  I was please to learn today, however, that the link to the old newsletter archive will remain active as long as I have a CC account so I will continue to use that to supplement the new archive.  The process of archiving and unarchiving messages is very straightforward which is great.  

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