Export event registration information in a single row

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When exporting information from event registration collection, each registrant's information should be displayed in Excel in the same row; specifically when the guest feature is used in the registration. It makes for very unorganized reports when the guest information is exported onto a different row and then uses a "Guest Of" column to repeat the orginial registrants name.


I've attached an example of the export (names have been changed) and I've highlighted the areas that I am referring to. If you notice, Rachel World is a guest of Wally World (Wally is the main registrant). Currently Wally's name is listed twice under two different fields (First Name/Last Name columns and Guest Of columns). Rachel's information is in the same First Name/Last Name column as Wally. It would make much more sense to have Wally's name listed ONCE (under First Name/Last Name columns) with Rachel's name listed in the same row as his, in a separate column, listed as his guest. Please consider this change as it would be much easier for people to manually rearrange the reports to their liking if all of the individual registration information is contained to a single row. 

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